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Pay Per Deal Credit Application Generation for Car Dealerships

FlexrMedia is an online marketing agency that works with car dealerships in North America to generate them pre-qualified leads 24/7.

What FlexrMedia does different.

Fresh Leads

The system generates high quality leads non-stop. It’s basically an employee that never sleeps, doesn’t take days off and it never complains.


Branded lead generation

The system uses your content so the leads that are generated from the campaigns already know your company. When you call a lead, they already know you and that you were going to call them.

Lead nurturing

The AutoMate system collects the fresh lead’s data (Full name, phone number, email) and uses this info to send out a personalized text message on behalf of the dealership like this.


All the leads that are generated will be sent straight to your CRM. You can also choose to use your personalized FlexrDashboard, which is a CRM that lets you manage the leads, move them around in your visual pipeline and record and track your all of your sales calls.

Big amount of data and experience

Because I work with over 20 car dealership owners in North America, I have gathered a lot of data which I use to generate new leads for my clients. I know exactly which content works to generate quality leads.


Exclusive system

Out of every 10 Discovery Calls I do with car dealers, I take on around 3 of them. I want all my clients to be the perfect fit for my service.

Also, I’m location exclusive. Find out if you qualify using the button below.

I quickly found a lot of car dealers pay up to $200 PER LEAD for their business. Most of the time these leads either don’t know your company or have found someone else that they bought a car from already.


Which means that your money is gone for most of the leads.

Doing the math.


Most of my clients say;

“Yes, I paid $150 per lead for that list of 250 leads, but I could always get a refund on 25% of them.”


On average such lead lists have a conversion rate of around 5%.

So first you pay $37,500 for 250 leads. Only 12 convert into customers (if you’re lucky).

You can get a refund on 62 leads that did not convert. With that you “save” $9,375.


Total cost per sale: $2,343.75


And still every day I have dealership owners telling me;

“We’ve always done it this way. Why change?”.

Well, times have changed. Today everything is about getting people’s attention. And where do people pay attention to around 7 hours a day? Right. Their PHONE and COMPUTER!

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